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On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 7:13 PM, Christian Saucier <csaucier at sovacs.com
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> >  Freedom is the ability to ignore the state.

Then nobody in the last 6 thousand years has been free because ignoring the
state is about as easy as ignoring gravity. Yes I wish the facts were
otherwise but that's the way it is, and politics is the art of the

> > I will not pick between Clinton and Trump.  I do not choose between two
> evils.

Deciding not to choose because neither candidate is good enough for you is
silly because evil is not a all or nothing quality, evil comes in
gradations and so does stupidity and ignorance. Like it or not the fact
remains that somebody is going to have the power to kill you and everybody
you know in the next 30 minutes; last November the American people said
Clinton should be the person who has that awesome power but the people
aren't the ones that gets to make that decision, that decision is made by
the Electoral College not the people and it decided that the power to
destroy human civilization should be given to a temperamental 71 year old
semi-literate child with   Attention Deficit Disorder. I believe they could
have made a better decision.

> > If you are truly afraid of the Doomsday clock; if you are truly outraged
> by Donald Trump; if you have researched the horrors and corruption
> perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation; then join me in exploring how we can
> walk away from the collapsing and bankrupt governments of the 20th century.

It's odd, a few years ago some of my posts sounded very much like yours
does now, I was very big on things like Privately  Produced Law  enforced
by Private Protection Agencies, and I'm still a libertarian and I still
think if we were starting from scratch it would be much better to take that
road rather than the road that leads to nation states, but its far too late
for that, we are nowhere near to starting from scratch. I no longer think
it's feasible to get rid of nation states, at least not before a
singularity occurs caused by AI or Nanotechnology or Quantum Computers or
Donald Trump deciding to prove once and for all that he has a bigger penis
than Kim Jong-un by making use of a few of his many thousands of H-bombs.
It could very well happen because the man is not only crazy he's stupid.

  > The first step is to acknowledge that partisan politics are a silly,
> but very effective, distraction.

Partisan politics decides who gets the keys to a Trident-2 nuclear missile
submarine, and right now a fool of epic proportions has those keys;
compared to that stories of "horrors and corruption perpetrated by the
Clinton Foundation" peddled by great minds at citadels of thought
like infowars, Breitbart, and Fox news seem pretty trivial even if they
were true. And I'm sure all the Clinton Foundation horror stories are
just as true as Pizzagate turned out to be.


 John K Clark
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