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>… compared to that stories of "horrors and corruption perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation" peddled by great minds at citadels of thought like infowars, Breitbart, and Fox news seem pretty trivial even if they were true…John K Clark


Cool, we have a great test case coming up.  Right now the biggest conspiracy theory in my lifetime is bubbling away, the alleged existence of a memo which alleges that the FBI and DOJ were weaponized by partisan politically-motivated insiders in the FBI.  

The US government has been at war with itself for years, but the key battle comes to a focus right here.  Some government officials have urged the DOJ to release that memo.  Others say no.  We do not know what is in that memo, but I suspect if they choose to not release it, Wikileaks will somehow come into possession of its contents.

This caused me to realize we could have a friendly no-currency betting game on what is in that memo and when (if ever) it will be released.  We can even make up our own crypt-faux-currency just for trading on this forum for this sort of thing.

Honestly I am finding this whole business most amusing.  Regardless of what happens, regardless of whether it implicates the FBI or does not implicate the FBI, it can only weaken the executive branch, which is a win-win in my libertarian mind.

Who wants to bet?  I bet 10 crypt-faux-coins that the memo will be released by candy-hearts day (14 Feb) and that it contains nothing that leads to impeachment of anyone but leads to at least two firings at the FBI.

Second bet: if they do not release the memo, one of our own former ExI posters Julian Assange will somehow end up with it.


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