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> Deciding not to choose because neither candidate is good enough for you is silly because evil is not a all or nothing quality (…)



What is silly to me is the promotion of the usual partisan politics with a the hope of a different result.  If only we voted harder and coronated a different puppet in DC, the world would be safer!  I wonder if you believe Barack Obama deserved his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?  


When you vote and participate in government rituals, you are giving support to the organizations that have created the evil that threatens our world today.  Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are just the sad figureheads of these institutions.  Look at how Bravado Trump did a 180 on all his promises; once in office, he was told what to do, and he did it, regardless of how that aligned with his campaign promises.  The mouthpiece media rewarded him with better ratings!   Hilarious Clinton would have followed her orders just as much.  We need to build, promote, and use alternative systems.


The reason why war is on the horizon, regardless of who rules in DC, is because the US dollar is losing its status as the global reserve currency.  Russia and China are flexing their geopolitical muscles, oil is sold in non-USD for the first time in decades, and cryptocurrencies will absorb the panicked investors as they exit and crash the corporate equity bubble.  The solution to world peace and nuclear annihilation will not come from wall street and nation states.  We need alternatives.


Nation states as we know them today will not survive the move to peer-to-peer electronic money, exchanges, and consensus systems.  I don’t know what’s on the other side, but the era of corruptible money is ending.  Nation states, central banks, the military industrial complex, and all the other industries that feed off the tit of the fed, will starve to death.  Yes, that includes the organizations that control those nuclear warheads.  War and inflation are necessary to our current “governance” system (I feel dirty calling it that).  They will not be able to afford maintaining their arsenal.


My judgement is not so much against Clinton or Trump, it is a judgement against the systems they represent.  I do not need you or any other authority to validate my judgement.  The threat of nuclear annihilation comes specifically from these guilty, unaccountable institutions.  The game is rigged.  The evidence is abundant.  Participation is a distraction. The cake is a lie.


We don’t have to agree.  However, I have to speak out, because so few people do.





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