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>…I would add to this discussion, since it was raised by John, we certainly do NOT know that Assange got his info from Russia.  Nothing has been provided to the US public beyond a shell document that lists no actual evidence of Russian hacking.  It may be in classified hands, but nothing of substance has been shared with the public… This yields a transfer rate of 22.7 megabytes per second.  Dylan



Hi Dylan, 


Sure but keep in mind that we are talking about two different things here.  The information you refer to with the data rate finding and the report that came out afterwards, is the email of the DNC.  As I understand it, that email dump has generally been accepted as an insider job, perhaps somehow connected to Amran Awan, James Dolan, Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas according to some crazy conspiracy theorists (heh, those crazy conspiracy theorists (next thing ya know, they will be suggesting the FBI was involved in a conspiracy.))  


Awan is scheduled to testify in March, assuming he is still alive by then (well, ya never know, the old geezer is 37 years old after all (which is older than James Dolan when he perished (and older than Seth Rich when he passed away suddenly (and older than Shawn Lucas when he had his accident (note that if you do Google searches on these guys, you will find most of the links go directly to porno sites (spent several days (really enjoyed those searches (but never did find out much about the three subjects who led me to all those wonderful places.)))))))


If we are talking about the infamous server, we don’t know for a fact that that one was compromised (last I heard) and all efforts to find out about the yoga have never been successful.





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