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> Some here might recall Julian Assange occasionally posting on ExI twenty
or more years ago.  A few of us formed an off-list chat group where he
posted more frequently but he was always very one-
> dimensional.  He was all about government transparency being the best path
to accountability.  


Wikileaks is necessary because governments are necessarily unaccountable.
Unfortunately, Wikileaks is (still?) a centralized organization (I hope
someone there is working on that).  So opponents do what they do: attack the
head.  Julian is paying an unfair price for our sunlight.


Transparency is necessary, but it is clearly not sufficient.  We need what
Nick Szabo calls: social scalability.  With the right technology, we could
improve our ability to engage with one another more easily, across broader
networks, and for a growing number of applications, *while minimizing the
need for trust*.  


We need to decentralize the Wikileaks vision of transparency, hopefully
before Julian dies of old age in illegal detention by secretive governments
that have too much to lose, and too much to hide.


This decentralization is happening now, using secure, transparent, and open
source systems.  Bitcoin was just a test.  Electronic money works.  The case
is made.  Now we can decentralize everything.  Including funding for defense
and the roads!  We can decentralize financial markets, supply chains,
entertainment, virus defense and electronic surveillance.  We can
decentralize health and medicine.  And maybe, if we do it before an idiot
(male OR female, any skin color, including orange, I don't discriminate) in
Washington DC hits the wrong button, just maybe, we'll be able to
decentralize the singularity before the secretive "amazon-alibaba-facebook
nation state" version of it enslaves or kills us all.


Maybe I'm being a little melodramatic for a Tuesday afternoon, but this is
happening now.  PaX Americana (sic!) is falling apart.  The Pharaohs that
rule our world are playing chess again.  That's not good for any of us.  We
need smart people to help build, adopt, and promote transparent alternative
solutions to our broken opaque centralized systems.  





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