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, Dylan Distasio wrote:

I certainly love your enthusiasm, and hope your predictions are right!  I doubt the current powerbrokers are going to go gently into that good night though...



>…Build a big cage. Fill it with geese.  Put a fox in there.  Limitation: the only thing you can do is to take the fox out and put another one in.  bill w​




BillW, you have hit upon the solution: selectively breed the foxes such that the largest of the litter is about the size of a teacup Chihuahua.  Now the geese have a whole new attitude toward the little bastard.  Geese can be mean sons a bitches.  A gaggle of them could perhaps quack something that translates to “…heeeeeere foxy foxy foxy….”


Libertarianism is about breeding smaller foxes and bigger geese.


If the current foxes lose complete control over privacy, they are much smaller, well-behaved, honest foxes.









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