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>…I certainly love your enthusiasm, and hope your predictions are right!  I doubt the current powerbrokers are going to go gently into that good night though...  Dylan



Ja, but I am seeing developments I find promising.  When I posted earlier that the US government is at war with itself, I can be more specific: the struggle today is whether or not top government officials get to maintain their privacy while exposing the privacy of their political rivals.  Think about it: the entire current struggle can be framed in that structure: control of privacy.  Like Orwell’s inner circle, privacy is power.


Note that we now see the office of the presidency struggling against the FBI, which is part of the Department of Justice, which is part of the executive branch, all of it over privacy.  This looks to me like a battle within the executive branch, which weakens that branch.  The final outcome will likely be some form of accountability with privacy.


As technology improves in the current legal framework, it looks like transparency has the upper hand.


Good deal!



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