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> I certainly love your enthusiasm, and hope your predictions are right!  I doubt the current powerbrokers are going to go gently into that good night though...


The powerbrokers have been asleep at the wheel, drunk from the Fed’s last quantitative easing (yuk!), but they are definitely awake now.  They are facing multiple assaults though, amongst themselves, out in the physical world, and now with this online peer-to-peer phenomenon.


ICOs going mainstream in 2017 is what woke them up.  Half a trillion dollars of value was generated since Satoshi without them seeing it coming.  The taxman cometh for sure, but he’s still fumbling down the hall some ways. Facebook is banning all ICO advertisement.  That’s ok, the same people are transferring their private hidden funds to an ICO in Zug.  It’s a dirty world where many are tempted, corrupted, decimated, and resurrected.  It is a very new frontier, loaded with too much money.  But it is also where the future is being decided.


The projects are launched.  The testnets are running.  The technologies that can enable social scalability exist.  


What is needed in 2018 are visionaries, futurists, engineers, and inventors to embrace decentralization.  This is not 1988, although we share the same genesis block.  


This mailing list plays an important role in this story.  The story is still just beginning.  Extropians will find friends at every crypto/blockchain/bitcoin conference; there’s one every week on every continent these days.  


The protocols of our future are being gambled around in these wild ICOs and in decentralized, peer-to-peer, 100% unregulated, cryptocurrency exchanges.  You have to try selling $1000 for BTC on LocalBitcoins.com, then transferring your BTC to ETH using a decentralized exchange like BitShares or using a peer-to-peer service like shapeshift.io.  What you can do with ETH is almost impossible to overestimate.  You can invest in ICOs for one.  


The only way we can change the world is by making the changes we wish to see in our own lives.  I am an Extropian.  I am almost by definition enthusiastic, if not at least optimistic about the future.  I am tremendously worried about powerful archaic institutions ran by idiots, but my influence over that is negligible.  I can make a difference with the technology I know.  P2P systems extend my social scalability in ways that I never though possible.  


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