[ExI] ?What would ?Kim Jong-un? do??

J. Stanton js_exi at gnolls.org
Tue May 1 01:46:24 UTC 2018

"I ask myself if I were a moral monster but smarter than Donald Trump 
(as almost everybody is)"

The mental gymnastics here are hilarious. Somehow a dumb person managed to:

1. Turn $1 million into a $multi-billion fortune. (In contrast, nearly 
1/3 of lottery jackpot winners go bankrupt, and none are in the Forbes 
400.) Next, become a reality TV star. Along the way, marry and have 
children by three of the most beautiful women in the world.

2. Get elected President despite the entirety of the mainstream media, 
the entirety of Hollywood, the entirety of academia, the entire 
Democratic machine and most of the Republican machine, and the entirety 
of Silicon Valley uniting and using the power of their propaganda and 
censorship against him - and despite his opponent spending nearly twice 
as much on the Presidential campaign itself.

3. Maintain an approval rating in excess of Obama's despite 
record-breaking negative news coverage (70-90% negative.) No source, 
even Fox, gave Trump net positive coverage - and "news" outlets like 
CNN, NBC, and CBS are over 90% negative.

4. Achieve 2.9% GDP growth - and rising - via renegotiating trade 
agreements disadvantageous to the USA, and via tax reform - despite 
repeated taunts like "What magic wand do you have? Those jobs aren't 
coming back" from previous Presidents.

5. End the Korean War, for which both South Korea's President and 
foreign minister publicly credit President Trump. (But feel free to 
continue spouting conspiracy theories. I'm sure John Clark knows *much* 
more about what caused North Korea's primary test site to collapse than 
the entire military intelligence complex and the President whom they 
serve, and I'm *sure* President Trump believes KJU over, say, General 
Mattis. That's definitely the most credible explanation for events. /s)

I could go on.

Anyone who thinks President Trump is stupid isn't nearly as smart as 
they think they are. They will continue to be surprised as things 
continue to "just happen" to the benefit of the USA and the world. (Next 
stop: Iran.)

Worse, the inevitable consequence of the "Trump is stupid" argument is 
that he was elected because of stupid people, and that his continued and 
rising support is because everyone is getting stupider. Such arguments 
inevitably lead towards some form of tyranny, usually under the branding 
of "social justice" or socialism/communism in general - because instead 
of admitting that reality is failing to conform to one's superior 
conception of it, clearly the stupid masses need superior wisdom imposed 
upon them by force.

Personally, I think that redirecting NASA to ACTUALLY EXPLORE SPACE and 
GO TO MARS is far more of interest to this mailing list, which is still 
theoretically Extropian.

"New Space Policy Directive Calls for Human Expansion Across Solar System"

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