[ExI] Cryonics for uploaders discussion: Video (John Clark)

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Sat May 5 20:32:02 UTC 2018

On Tue, 3 Apr 2018 at 4:46 am, Re Rose <rocket at earthlight.com> wrote:

> "The only way we'll know for sure that any Cryonics procedure works is
> when we
> successfully revive somebody"
> Actually I'm not sure that will be helpful in all cases. I imagine a
> scenario where a backup copy is uploaded to a host. Upon reanimation it
> will be completely convinced its consciouness is as the person who was
> uploaded. Why shouldn't it be? IMHO, the only individual who will even be
> able to know if the copy is in fact "you" will be you - a copy will not be
> able to tell. Not even your friends or partners can say if its you. They
> may be convinced it is you. Only your subjective, internal experience will
> allow you to be sure if it is you, and that agent will not be able to
> convince anyone else (including copies) of that.

If only you know you have been replaced with a copy, not the copy or anyone
else, how do you know now if you have been replaced by a copy? How do you
know if are being replaced by a copy every five minutes for your whole life?

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