[ExI] [exl] Effect of National Geographic on Sexuality?

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Like I said, I literally wasn’t even born yet in the period you mention (57-64), and actually neither were my parents. Which is why I have questions. 

I’m not implying NatGeo as dehumanizing/humanizing women, but cultures. Just like I said, do you think it had any influence on cultural relations or ethic interests etc? 

In the old days, NatGeo definitely did this sort of thing.  They would not have gone into any part of Europe and taken photos like that, even if it was the cultural norm.  The people in their features did not wear clothing, so… they recorded what they saw.


If the photographers of a couple generations ago are measured by today’s cultural mores, they do poorly indeed.  This makes me think of what standards we will have upon us if cryonics works and we get simulated 100 yrs in the future.  What are we doing today and considering ethically acceptable which will be considered scandalous in the future?















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