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> They take dogs away from owners for fairly small owner misbehaviors
> compared to what children have to tolerate.
> Well, we also euthanize dogs, but not children. While the two have been
> compared, especially now that couples are viewing pets as “starter”
> children, or a replacement for children, they’re not a particularly good
> parallel in my opinion.

As practice for parenting, pets are probably the best thing going. They
require constant care: feeding, training, medical attention, hygiene, etc.
If you can't keep a pet, you're going to have trouble raising a child.
Better to find that our before you become a parent.

For example we never force our children to breed, and especially not with
> their own children.

Most pet owners aren't breeders.

We don’t send them to war to be shot and blown up.

Oh really?

> We don’t sterilize them. And so on.

Yeah, sure, pets aren't people. But their use in training parents is no
less valuable.

I also tend to think that falsely separating dogs from owners is a lesser
> offense that falsely separating children from their parents.

What is "falsely separating"?

But having two groups of friends: very “hard” leftists and very religious
> Mormons, this is one of those issues where I don’t really know where I
> stand. What rights should children have, and when? One group of my friends
> would say “all the rights all the time” and the other would say “none of
> the rights until adulthood” but clearly the answer is somewhere in between.
> I’m just not sure how to figure out where it should be.

Religious indoctrination is one of the worst forms of child abuse. But I
don't see that being addressed any time soon.

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