[ExI] Perjury

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 17:13:36 UTC 2018

In my opinion, the absolute stupidest move he made was claiming he was a
virgin who didn't drink to excess and only drank beer.  A clear lie given
the evidence, and a lie that is clearly able to be figured out in an
extremely easy manner.  What the hell did he think was going to
happen--that he would be able to tamper with every person who ever saw him
in a blackout?  Something about being in a blackout seems like it would
make that difficult....

What a buffoon.  If there was any doubt in people's minds that he did
assault Ms. Ford, I would hope that his angry outbursts, question dodging,
and obvious lies under oath will demonstrate to them that he is probably
guilty of the act.

Also, some people are complaining about how this isn't 'innocent until
proven guilty'--but this is not a trial, it is a confirmation hearing.  It
is completely within the law, and the main point of the hearing, to assess
his character.

He also has given the swing voting Republican senators a perfect excuse to
vote nay--now they can say it's because he lied under oath, without even
having to address his sexual assault allegations.  Truly an idiot unfit to
rule for the rest of his life in the highest court in the nation.  Here's
hoping Americans (and our senators) have enough sense to toss this guy in
the garbage.
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