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>…In my opinion, the absolute stupidest move he made was claiming he was a virgin who didn't drink to …






This isn’t the place for it Will.


The topic is OK if we have some kind of take on it that might be of interest to ExI, such as a legal innovation we are witnessing: having what amounts to a job interview influenced by a criminal accusation.  Criminal accusations put the burden of proof on the accuser.  So… if a job interview is to take into account a criminal accusation, the accusation must be proven by the standards of a criminal court.  Otherwise it must be dismissed and not influence the job interview.  To me that is the takeaway of all this, not which person gets to be on the SCOTUS, which is nearly irrelevant in my view when the US federal government is staring down the barrel of bankruptcy as soon as the Chinese get a clue and stop loaning it money.




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