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>…The Supreme Court is far more relevant to a H+ agenda than the president ever could be…But honestly, I replied to this because I agree with John for once and I wanted to relish the moment before it was gone.  (I wish that was a joke)…



Ja I am with you there. 


The reason I take interest in this particular train-wreck is in the legal angle of it, rather than any particular view on any of the players.


We think of the confirmation process as a job interview.  But now we have what appears to be an innovation, a scary one: where a candidate can be accused of a crime to influence the interview.  We know the standards of proof necessary to convict of a crime.  If a job candidate has been tried in court and found not guilty, we must presume innocence of that person, and disregard the accusation.  But if one is accused, tried, found not guilty, then the accusation and trial form a kind of second-class evidence of some guilt, we cross an important legal line: a person becomes slightly guilty upon accusation, even if found not guilty.


That makes accusation a weapon.


Libertarians in general are watching this case closely.









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