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Relevant to H+ is legislation on human rights for enhancing, FDA rules, etc. I agree with this. But I do not enjoy reading posts that dis others based on assumption. Many right wingers support science and H+ ideas.
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 The Supreme Court is far more relevant to a H+ agenda than the president ever could be.  With Kavanaugh in that seat, I think there would be a whole lot more obstacles to ethically sticky scientific advancements--cloning, stem cells, synthetic wombs, and the like.  Kavanaugh is kinda worse than Trump because at least Trump might OK those things from a business standpoint, but Kavanaugh is a run-of-the-mill dweeb who seems far too supportive of right wing social politics--more than Trump--to be advancing science.  
But honestly, I replied to this because I agree with John for once and I wanted to relish the moment before it was gone.  (I wish that was a joke)

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