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> *>The topic is OK if we have some kind of take on it that might be of
> interest to ExI, such as a legal innovation we are witnessing: having what
> amounts to a job interview influenced by a criminal accusation. *

Well shouldn't a job interview be influenced by a criminal accusation? E
specially when Dr. Ford warned her congressman abut Kavanaugh before he was
even picked and was just on the short list of candidates, especially when
Ford passed a lie detector test and  Kavanaugh didn't, especially when Ford
had no reason to lie but Kavanaugh did. And if you're telling a lie you
generally don't want the FBI to investigate it but Ford wanted the FBI to
do just that,however if you're not telling the truth then you don't want a
FBI investigating it and Kavanaugh made it very clear he didn't want the
FBI looking into this matter.

I admit Kavanaugh guilt has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt but
this is not a trial, its a job interview for a cushy lifetime job in which
he will be judging us for perhaps the next 40 years. In this case I think
the burden of proof should be on the job applicant and if I were a Senator
I would't vote for him unless he could convince me beyond a reasonable
doubt that he is fit for the job, and I don't think Kavanaugh can meet that
standard but a lot of other people can. Actually I think some on this list

John K Clark
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