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> >…Well shouldn't a job interview be influenced by a criminal accusation?
>  > *Not unless it is proven. *

Spike, that's just nuts. Would you hire me as the night watchman for your
fireworks factory if you couldn't prove I'm an arsonist but knew there was
a 49% probability I was? You're using the same criteria for a job interview
as you do for a criminal trial when even in a civil trial I don't have to
prove anything to win I just have to show that the preponderance of
evidence is on my side, 51% would be good enough. And this isn't even a
civil trial! Kavanaugh does NOT have a right to be promoted to a cushy job
on the supreme court and a senator is under no obligation to prove he is
unfit for the job, Kavanaugh needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that
he is.

> > *Otherwise an uncorroborated accusation *[...]

This accusation has been corroborated it just hasn't been proven. CERN
needs 5 sigma to declare they have discovered a new particle and there
isn't a 5 sigma signal that Kavanaugh is guilty of attempted rape,  but I
think there is a 3 sigma signal and maybe a little more, not proven but
enough to be very interesting and merit further investigation. But of
course we're not doing that, the FBI "investigation" was crippled from the
start by the White House telling them what they could and could not
investigate, and witnesses came to them and asked to be interview (a big
step because its perjury to lie to a FBI agent) but the FBI said they
couldn't interview them because they weren't on the White Houses list. It
seems to me that the Republicans don't want to know the truth, or at least
I can't think of another explanation for their behavior.

However as far as perjury is concerned there is enough evidence that even
someone as picky as CERN would be comfortable is saying it has been
discovered that Bret Kavanaugh commitment perjury. But perhaps perjury is
only important if Bill Clinton did it.

And even if you disregard all that there is still the matter of
impartiality and judicial temperament which  Kavanaugh dramatically
demonstrated on live TV he most certainly does not have. That's why over
1700 law professors signed a petition saying Kavanaugh should not be

Signed, 1,700+ Law Professors (and Counting)

> > becomes a weapon.

Yes, but being a fan of the second amendment you must know that weapons are
not inherently evil, sometimes they can be a tool that prevents injustice
and incompetence.

> *>A SCOTUS justice does not judge us, she judges congress. *

If you look at a list of Supreme Court decisions the plaintiff is almost
never congress, its a person.

> *> The closer she stays to the constitution, the better.*

If there was only one objectively correct way to interpret the
constitution then
we wouldn't even need a Supreme Court, but there isn't so we do. For
example, the constitution says we have freedom of the press, but does that
just mean we are free to press ink and lead type onto paper or does it also
mean we can say whatever we want on the internet even though that was
certainly not part of the framers "original intent"?

And incidentally, Kavanaugh interprets the constitution to mean  we haven't
been giving the president enough power for the last 45 years or so, he says
the Supreme Court "wrongly decided" in 1974 when it unanimously ruled that
a president must obey a criminal subpoena. Of the list of 25 very
conservative Judges Trump said he would pick from Kavanaugh was the only
one that called for such a radical expansion of executive power. I think
that's why trump picked him.

> *That is how we define the concept of presumption of innocence.*

For a criminal trial NOT for a job interview, a company would soon go
bankrupt if it assumed that anybody who walked through the door would make
a great employee! Kavanaugh just walked through the door and I don't want
to go bankrupt but I expect I will,  I think Kavanaugh will get the job he
thinks he has a God given right to have because Republican senators have no
integrity and are so utterly spineless they let Trump lead them by the
nose. I hope I'm wrong but I fear for the future of your fireworks factory.

John K Clark .

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