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*> **we have given away the presumption of innocence*

Yes, and good riddance too for everything except a criminal trial!. The
constitution says everybody has the right of life and liberty, so that
right should not be taken away from you unless it has been proven beyond a
reasonable doubt in a criminal court that you violated a criminal law. But
the constitution does not say Brett Kavanaugh has a right to be on the
Supreme court for life, so the burden of proof is on  Kavanaugh

> >*why isn’t Julie Swetnick being charged for accomplice to rape?*

Because, with the important exception of perjury committed by Kavanaugh,
there isn't enough evidence to charge anybody with any violation of
criminal law,. but there is enough evidence for a rational person to not
hire somebody for a job. However if you want to hire a suspected arsonist
to be the night watchman at your fireworks factory you have every right to
do so, but I choose not to and because of that I have a hunch my fireworks
company will out compete your fireworks company in the free market.

And Spike I just have to ask, would you be saying all this if  Kavanaugh
was a liberal nominated by President Hillary Clinton? I suppose to be fair
I should also ask myself a probing question, would I be saying all I've
been saying if Kavanaugh was a scientist turned libertarian judge? I like
to think so although it must be admitted I'd do it with considerably less

John K Clark
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