[ExI] A 'libertarian' solution to political bullshit on this list?

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> You are crying wolf when everyone can see the wolf.


>… is clearly the most popular American presadent among Extropians since I joined the list in 1993 even though he is by FAR the most anti-libertarian one…John K Clark








Please my friends, have mercy upon me.  I have been moderating the list for about the last 16 years.  Most of the time it has been very easy indeed: I was brought in to help quench a ferocious flame war, which finally burned out.  Since then and up until about 2016, only minor grass fires, nothing difficult.


I have gotten more complaints, mostly offlist and a few on list, about these political threads just in the past year more than the other 15 yrs combined.  I request in sincere earnest an abrupt end to it.  At this point, if one wishes to discuss the current occupant of the White House, whose name escapes me at the moment, do take it to another forum.  We are getting excessive fatigue on that topic.






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