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We know: the USA is a nuclear-armed nation deep in an internal civil culture war.  We know: it’s uncomfortable and dangerous.  We know: there are people on all sides of it, because there are more than two sides.  We know: plenty of us went thru some deep crises in about May and June of 2016, recognizing this whole thing cannot turn out well.  And we know there are better forums than ours for this kind of discussion.  See PredictIt.  You can even make money there.  Or lose money there.  Cool!


I propose we deal with it this way: all political discussions should be at a meta level, which doesn’t require the use of names at all, and probably very little mention of any particular party.


Do what you can do to express your views in a concrete way if you are a yank: vote.


Don’t insult those you perceive as being not on your side of the current culture war (they may not really be on the other side (or even a different side (for this too shall pass (it did in the 1960s.))))


Exploring ideas is always a good thing.  We don’t need to get down in the mud.  So stay clean, vote if you are a yank, be a political activist on a political activist site if you wish.


Here’s a place to express your politics, have fun and make money (I am positive about 73 bucks so far this year):






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On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 11:11 PM Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com <mailto:atymes at gmail.com> > wrote:


> Do you recognize that there is a difference between:
* people who say Trump occasionally does good, if usually by accident,
but on the balance he should be impeached, and rabid Trump supporters?
Or what about between:
* people who lived in a state where their 2016 presidential vote did
not matter, thought both of the major party candidates unsuited for
office, and thus voted for neither Hillary nor Donald to no
consequence upon the election, and* rabid Trump supporters?
If so, do you realize that the former are not the latter in each case?
If you realize that the former are not the latter, do you realize that
accusing the former of being the latter is a false accusation?
If so, do you realize how insulting that false accusation is?


I'm getting conflicting signals here. I respect Spike and he asks me to let it go and you say I should never speak about these matters again, and yet you ask me questions about the exact same thing that you demand I never speak about again. Do you want me to answer your questions (5 by my count) or not? If you do then don't complain later that I did. I'd like to answer them because I enjoy exploring ideas, but If you don't want any answers I won't provide any. However I do wish you'd stop asking questions if you don't want to know the answers to them.


John K Clark

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