[ExI] From Arms Race to Joint Venture

Henry Rivera hrivera at alumni.virginia.edu
Thu Oct 18 21:06:50 UTC 2018

I saw a movie recently where an AI judge type scenario was played out. It was Chappie I think, and the AI/droid police are given much authority to dispose of a case immediately upon apprehending the suspect. It left little room for discussion of mitigating circumstances and the like. That’s just one interpretation of how that could play out I realize. 

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>> I'm all for AI putting doctors, factory workers, truckers and Uber drivers out of work. But when it comes to lawyers, well that's just going to far! 
>> You can guess what I do for a living lol
> What field of law, and what do you think about attempts to automate various aspects of legal practice?  (Such as that Brazilian traffic court judge who wrote an app to help him quickly adjudicate cases some years ago.)
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