[ExI] From Arms Race to Joint Venture

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Sun Oct 21 17:42:15 UTC 2018

> There's only so much that a system can do without being 'conscious' (in
> the sense that we think of ourselves as conscious - having theory of mind,
> being self-reflective, etc.). If an AI is created that's able to function
> as a member of society, it will need to have these things, so empathy will
> be within its capabilities.
> There will be a point at which we have to include certain AI systems in
> the definition of 'people', and ultimately, of course, they will have far
> more of whatever it is that makes people people, than any original human
> being could ever have. I expect that any quality or ability that you can
> attribute to humans, will be possessed by super-intelligent,
> super-conscious AIs, in spades, plus ones that we don't have and probably
> can't even imagine.
> Ben Zaiboc

Recent books by Damasio and Sapolsky show conclusively that without
emotions, people just cannot make decisions that make much sense.  For the
technically minded, it's about the connections between the ventromedial
Prefrontal cortex and the limbic system.

Are AIs somehow to be equipped with superhuman emotions?  What would that
mean?  Some probability statement about the likelihood of something
occurring and a preference for the highest one?  Or, depending on the
situation, for the lowest one.

Intelligence must now include emotions - it's not all rationality and never
was.  Historically,of course, emotional decisions were regarded as greatly
flawed and to be avoided, and now we find out that we simply cannot avoid
them.  They are absolutely necessary.

As a social psychologist that makes sense to me.  Attitudes are defined in
such a way as to denote that a leaning towards something means liking, and
vice versa.  A purely intellectual group of thoughts is an opinion - not an
attitude. In other words it's neutral and we have no inclination to act in
any way about it.  There is no decision to be made concerning it.

bill w

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