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>...I would think the advantages of building rotating habitats in free space
(over planetary surfaces was obvious to present day Extropians.
It was to the people in the L5 Society clear back in the 1970s...  Keith

If we agree on the ultimate endgame: converting the metals in the solar
system to thinking matter, we can do the following calculus:

A human brain is about 1.4 kg and there are about 7 billion proles, so about
1E10 kg of human brain on this planet of mass about 6E24 kg, so if we want
to think of only human brains as doing humanish thinking, then the ratio of
thinking matter to non-thinking matter on this planet is about 1 part in

If we created an L5 station, it might support about, say 70 proles with a
mass of perhaps (what would you guess Keith?) ten million kg?  Then that
station would have a ratio of thinking stuff to non-thinking stuff of about
100 kg to 1E7 which is a ration of about one part in 100k, which is about
6E9 or six billion times smarter than earth is now, and we might even be
able to get it higher than that by choosing only smart people to go there.

The L5 station is still way the heck dumber than the international space
station is now, but the L5 station is self-sustaining.


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