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Wed Oct 24 00:35:42 UTC 2018

On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 5:29 PM William Flynn Wallace
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> adrian wrote:  This requires quite a bit of mass, but moving quite a bit of mass through a zero-g environment is far simpler than many other things we discuss on this list.  We're talking "large asteroid" range, far smaller than even the Moon, so this could be done with today's technology (though it would cost in the millions or billions of dollars).
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> So the scifi stories I read will come true:  we will move asteroids into Earth orbit, and create large tunnels to live in, providing radiation protection, and then tow asteroids which are full of water to supply the colony (like one of Asimov's stories where they got a water asteroid (if that's what you call it) from the rings of Saturn).  I suppose metals and even oil could also be supplied by asteroids.  I doubt the 'oil' part, but what do I know?

Metals, no question, and this is a strong contender for why we might
start moving the rocks (mining all that platinum, and getting rich
from selling it even after the market crashes as a result).  Oil would
have to be synthesized - but it is unlikely that automobiles as we
know them on Earth would be in as much demand, so much less oil would
be needed too.

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