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>> I think it would take extreme environments to alter the power of genetics.
>> bill w
> I’m not saying genetics have no power, I’m asking how much power they have in relation to environment. Is environment 10%? 25%? I sincerely doubt it would be near or above 50% actually.
> And further, what counts as “extreme”? Sexual assault? Child abuse? PTSD? They are honestly pretty common it seems.

And it’s not like children are raised in a gender neutral environment until they’re 12. The socialization process starts at birth.

By the way, two professors who write quite reasonably on gender issues are Anne Fausto-Sterling (_Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World_) and Caroline Fine (_Testosterone Rex_).

Libertarians all too often end up being bio-essentialists (and conservative ones at that) on this issue. But there are a growing number of libertarians who take what I believe to be a better approach to gender. See:


and, if you have time, 



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