[ExI] ​T​erminate​ing​ birthright citizenship

Tara Maya tara at taramayastales.com
Tue Oct 30 18:44:00 UTC 2018

If the Supreme Court says something in contradiction to the Constitution, I believe that would be incorrect on their part. In practice, it would take another Supreme Court decision to reverse their ruling. Or perhaps some other reason might be found that their ruling is invalid. For instance, if a criminal investigation were to find that a Supreme Court judge had been blackmailed or bribed to make a certain ruling, I believe that ruling could be legally dismissed. But maybe even in that case, it would require a new judge to replace the corrupt judge (who would presumably be removed), before it was overturned.

It is also, of course, possible for a Supreme Court judge, or the Constitution itself, to be in violation of moral law. Many “constitutions” violate human rights, but in my opinion those laws are themselves invalid.

> On Oct 30, 2018, at 9:43 AM, Darin Sunley <dsunley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it actually possible for the Supreme Court to be incorrect, by definition? They can be ill-advised, short-sighted, and even self-contradictory, but can they actually be incorrect?

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