[ExI] The Financial Crisis Explained

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 20:14:02 UTC 2018

Bit of a rant here, but wholly justified!


Read all the way to the final paragraph -----


Central bankers haven’t merely NOT saved the economy, they have used
the financial crisis to feed additional insane amounts of money to
those whose interests they represent, and who already made similarly
insane amounts, which caused the crisis to begin with. They have not
let a good crisis go to waste.

But judging from the comments and ‘analyses’ on Lehman’s 10-year
anniversary, the financial cabal still gets away with having people
believe they’s actually trying to save the economy, and they just make
mistakes every now and then, because they’re only human and uncharted
territory, don’t you know?! Well, if you believe that, know that
you’re being played for fools.
Preferences and priorities are crystal clear here, and you’re not invited.


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