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>…All of this said, let’s presume Kavanaugh is completely innocent and go further to completely disregard Ford and anyone else who might come forward. Kavanaugh should be thrown out as a potential justice because of his stance on the Fourth Amendment — where he seems enthralled with executive power. (In particular, see https://reason.com/archives/2018/07/18/brett-kavanaughs-fourth-amendment-blind/ <https://reason.com/archives/2018/07/18/brett-kavanaughs-fourth-amendment-blind/amp>  )






Ja, I think the reason Kavanaugh’s detractors didn’t go down that road is that they don’t want to stick up for the 4th amendment either.  That one is currently under attack more than the usual first and second.


As soon as the executive branch can overrule the 4th amendment, nothing stops the them from spying on political opponents under some flimsy excuse.  Then government as we know it comes to an end.




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