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>>    1. Rejection of genetics, neurology, and psychology as they pertain
>>    to sex and gender.
>> ### No, really? Rejection of the science of gender is one of the most
> prominent features of modern leftist identity, not right-identity, at least
> among whites.
> I’m curious what you mean here by rejecting of the science of gender. Do
> you rejection of binary gender and of bioessentialism in gender? If so, it
> seems to me that the science tends to support non-binary gender and also
> that gender is definitely influenced by things aside from biology (in other
> words, there’s no uncomplicated path from allosomes to hormones to genitals
> to gender). See the work of Cordelia Fine, especially her _Delusions of
> Gender_, and Anne Fausto-Sterling on this. Both of them rely on science to
> challenge binary gender and the simple model of sex/gender that many adhere
> to.

### Gender is of course a biological trait, with culturally modified
manifestations. As any complex biological trait gender is not "binary",
since thousands of moving parts don't neatly partition into two sets -
there are always millions of ways for a mechanism to go wrong and produce
all kinds of more or less bizarre versions. What today's extreme leftists
do is they deny the importance of the biological underpinnings of gender
and they claim that a person's expressed preference to be included in some
gender category is sufficient for inclusion, regardless of other
measurables. They also deny the normative distinction between healthy,
adaptive genders, of which there are two, and the diverse gradations of

So, they say that a psychologically disturbed man or a malingering man may
claim himself to be a woman and we, normal people, are obliged to respect
his claims.

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