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All that, and you missed the question that I actually asked.

By the time the LP can nominate someone, either Bill Weld will be out of
the running in which case the LP's nomination has no bearing on support of
Weld or lack thereof, or (somehow) he will have defeated Trump for the
Republican nomination in which case the LP's further impact on the election
is moot so far as defeating Trump goes.  (If the latter happens and Trump
does go martial law, the LP's further actions become irrelevant to the
matter of removing Trump from office.)

Thus, there seems to be no case in which the LP not nominating anyone would
help Weld defeat Trump.  However, you requested the LP not nominate anyone
and instead support Weld.  There does not seem to be any chain of events by
which these are mutually exclusive: first Weld gets defeated or not, with
the LP's support or not, and then the LP's nomination happens.

That being the case, how would the LP not nominating anyone help Weld?

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 3:59 PM John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 12:12 PM Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com> wrote:
> *> Assuming Weld loses, as is likely, what would be the damage if the LP
>> both nominated someone and supported Weld? *
> If the Libertarian Party is really sincere when they wax poetic about the
> value of libertarian ideas then their number one priority should be
> preventing the most anti-libertarian president in American history from
> winning another general election. And, because there is only one person who
> has a realistic chance of stopping Trump, that means supporting *ANY
> FUNCTIONAL ADULT* the Democrats nominate and doing so with enthusiasm.
> Its the least they can do after their disgraceful 2016 performance.
>> *> The LP's nomination would presumably happen well after the Republican
>> primaries, so these would be two separate contests.  And, the LP seems
>> likely to draw off far more Republicans who don't like Trump but refuse to
>> vote Democratic,*
> If we lived in a rational world there might be some truth in that, but we
> don't. It's hard to imagine 2 more different politicians than Donald Trump
> and Bernie Sanders and yet 12% of the many millions of Sanders fans voted
> for Trump in the general election, 5% did not vote at all and 10% did the
> equivalent by voting for a third party nonentity.
> I think that a substantial minority of voters want a candidate who has no
> chance of winning, they hate Trump and fool themselves into thinking a vote
> for Joe Nobody is a vote against him and, because they know he can't win,
> they don't have to take responsibility for actions taken by somebody who
> might actually win.
> Currently there are about 20 people trying to get the Democratic
> nomination and 19 of them will fail,  its inevitable that some fans of
> those 19 are going to have hard feelings against the winner, most intensely
> hate Trump so they won't vote for him but if they don't think it through
> they might vote for Joe Nobody the Bozo Party candidate.
>> *> than all other groups of voters combined - so if anything, they would
>> deprive Trump of Electoral College votes.*
> Although they will receive millions of popular votes I would bet money
> that in 2020 third parties will get ten times as many electoral votes as
> they did in 2016, and if I've performed the multiplication correctly that
> works out to be precisely zero.
> John K Clark
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