[ExI] blackholes at home

Spike Jones spike at rainier66.com
Sun Apr 21 04:48:31 UTC 2019

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Spike wrote:


> I confess to having been a flaming unbeliever, but now I found 
> religion on
> LIGO: that was the most important scientific instrument since Hubble, 
> and in some ways it was more informative than Hubble.

Amen. LIGO is like an invention that created its own whole new category of
technology. Like a retina for gravitational waves and its creating a whole
new field of science. Gravitometry? Gravitometrics?  
Gravitoscopy? What do you even call it?

Stuart LaForge


I would call it just crazy cool.  Or call it an education in physics all by
itself.  Or me, I call it a lesson in humility: I thought I knew something
about the big bang, but my understanding of it would have ruled out this
many mergers this late in the day.

Regarding point masses, I have always treated it as equivalent to a mass the
size of the event horizon, then pretended that Newtonian physic still mostly
works outside that event horizon.  But Newtonian physics would not predict
two of these guys could spiral inward that quickly.  Conclusion: I suck.


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