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When I was younger I read a lot of science fiction, I don't do it so much
anymore and technically I didn't do it this time either but I did listen to
a audio book called "We Are Legion We Are Bob" it's the first book of
the Bobiverse trilogy and I really enjoyed it. You can get a free 5 minute
sample of the book here:

We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse, Book 1

It tells the story of Bob, a young man who has just sold his software
company for a crazy amount of money and decides that after a decade of hard
work he's going to spent the rest of his life just goofing off. On a whim
he signs with a Cryonics company to have his head frozen after his death
and then just hours later while crossing the street to go to a science
fiction convention is hit by a car and dies. Five subjective seconds later
he wakes up and finds that a century has passed and he's been uploaded into
a computer. This is all in the opening chapter.

Parts of the story are unrealistic but parts of it are not, I think it
was Isaac
Asimov who said it's OK for a science fiction writer to violate the known
laws of physics but only if he knows he's doing it, and when Dennis Taylor,
the creator of Bob universe, does it at one point with faster than light
communication it's obvious that he knowns it. And I can't deny it makes for
a story that is more fun to read. I have now read (well listened) to all 3
Bob books and, although parts are a little corny and parts a little too
Star Trek for my taste, on the whole I greatly enjoyed them all. They're a
lot of fun.

The only other novel I can think of that treats the subject of uploading
with equal intelligence is "The Silicon Man".

The Silicon Man by Charles Platt

John K Clark
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