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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 16:58:49 UTC 2019

One of the main aspects is that humans should evolve or be formed into a
rational being, perhaps by genetic manipulation.

This is sadly out of date.  Studies of brain=damaged people who have lost
their connections between the prefrontal cortex cannot make a decision of
any kind.  They just dither.  Damasio, maybe (damn my memory anyway!  or
maybe I just read too many books).  Thus we have to like something or
dislike it in some way to be able to conclude which options are best.  We
might have to redefine emotion:  the amount of emotion that goes into what
we would call a rational decision must be small, or at least unfelt in most
cases.  So there has to be unconscious emotions, which sounds like an

So we have to preserve the emotional inputs to get decisions that make any

So, by the way, all of those people, which is 99% of them (all males) who
thought that women could only make emotional decisions and thus were
worthless for anything but having and tending babies, were completely
wrong.  Not just wrong, but depriving society of the intellectual input of
smart women, just like the Muslims do - or the Arabs, or at least some of
those Mideastern peoples.

Maybe now women can develop the kind of intellectual history that men have,
the developing of world class contributions in music and literature,
philosophy, and so on.

USA did it first, I think.  Good for us.

bill w
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