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Rationality is a tool, not and end, and emotions are often more rational
than what we call "rationality," and much faster.

On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 7:01 PM William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> One of the main aspects is that humans should evolve or be formed into a
> rational being, perhaps by genetic manipulation.
> This is sadly out of date.  Studies of brain=damaged people who have lost
> their connections between the prefrontal cortex cannot make a decision of
> any kind.  They just dither.  Damasio, maybe (damn my memory anyway!  or
> maybe I just read too many books).  Thus we have to like something or
> dislike it in some way to be able to conclude which options are best.  We
> might have to redefine emotion:  the amount of emotion that goes into what
> we would call a rational decision must be small, or at least unfelt in most
> cases.  So there has to be unconscious emotions, which sounds like an
> oxymoron.
> So we have to preserve the emotional inputs to get decisions that make any
> sense.
> So, by the way, all of those people, which is 99% of them (all males) who
> thought that women could only make emotional decisions and thus were
> worthless for anything but having and tending babies, were completely
> wrong.  Not just wrong, but depriving society of the intellectual input of
> smart women, just like the Muslims do - or the Arabs, or at least some of
> those Mideastern peoples.
> Maybe now women can develop the kind of intellectual history that men
> have, the developing of world class contributions in music and literature,
> philosophy, and so on.
> USA did it first, I think.  Good for us.
> bill w
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