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> Which one, the Polynesian wave of colonization in 1120 that replaced the earlier inhabitants who arrived about 500, or the European colonization in 1778?  A week ago I would have said that with the exception of Antarctica and Greenland there is not a square foot of the Earth's surface that hasn't been stolen by somebody who originally stole it from somebody else, so astronomers shouldn't have to perform penance for all of history's evils; but now Greenland is being fought over so it's just Antarctica.

I’d bet, given that Greenland has human archaeological remains daring back to 2500 BCE and that the Norse settles parts of it about 900 CE and then the Inuit arrived around 1200 CE, that this wasn’t all peaceful coexistence. In fact, the standard history is that the Inuit Thule people forcibly displaced the Norse, though climate change probably also played a role. See:



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