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>…Failing that, we could make a closed system oxygen-enriched office/sleeping space.  It would not be pressurized but more like a warm car on a cold day, with that kind of doors, a rubber seal but at ambient pressure.  Instead of about 20% oxygen in there it would be about 33%, so that the oxygen level is about the same as down at the women’s locker room where the invisible man lives.   spike



Another idea: to compensate for the elevated fire risk in an oxygen-enriched chamber, the proles could wear wool clothing.


I heard decades ago that wool doesn’t burn.  A few months ago, the same day I was testing that burning lint experiment (which I posted about here) I tried wool and discovered it is true.  As soon as you take away the heat source, the wool fails to sustain a flame.


Fun aside: I am an oddball size, so I can never buy pants directly off the rack without modification.  A couple weeks ago, I went looking for wool pants.  Discovered that army surplus Korean War vintage wool pants are still available today.  So I bought a pair with waist 27-31 (adjustable) and length 38.  Boiled them on the stove, put them in the dryer at the hottest setting, shrunk them to a perfect fit (34”).  So I bought 5 more pairs.


I thought it was so cool: these pants were manufactured on 7 March 1951.  In all those years, properly stored, the dimensions never changed a bit, the cloth didn’t degrade at all.  So the moisture content of the wool and any oils are chemically stable for nearly 70 years.  Then putting them in boiling water followed by a dryer on the hottest setting, they shrink to fit.  Cool!


And they won’t burn.  If I have a housefire and don’t notice because I am writing some oddball rambling ExI post, I am good to go.




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