[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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> >…Failing that, we could make a closed system oxygen-enriched
> office/sleeping space.  It would not be pressurized but more like a warm
> car on a cold day, with that kind of doors, a rubber seal but at ambient
> pressure.  Instead of about 20% oxygen in there it would be about 33%, so
> that the oxygen level is about the same as down at the women’s locker room
> where the invisible man lives.   spike
> Another idea: to compensate for the elevated fire risk in an
> oxygen-enriched chamber, the proles could wear wool clothing.

Or, y'know, just don't enrich the oxygen.  Add nitrogen as well as oxygen,
keeping the fraction of oxygen the same as at ground level and making it 1
atmosphere pressure, similar to the ISS and Shuttle.  The airlock
environment itself could be useful for science, in addition to the
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