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> Yes, I have gotten angry many times in my life.  Inherited a quick temper
> from my Dad, I think.
> And it has never done me any good at all and luckily nothing really bad,
> although bad drivers can still light me up.  At one point I carried a gun
> in my car to shoot out the tires of the bad guys.  Took it out when I
> realized that I might actually do that in a fit of road rage.

I can honestly say that in my 70 years I have never gotten that angry and
never even gotten close, but perhaps that has nothing to do with me and
I've just been lucky and haven't been provoked as much as you have. I'm
about as angry as I ever get toward those Hawaiian protestors but I don't
feel the slightest urge to actually shoot anybody. Perhaps for that reason
I seem to be less afraid of losing control than you.

 John K Clark
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