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to John - 'hunt them down and shoot them' was a joke - which flopped I
Injustices and irrationality do bother me, but maybe being a psychologist
and understanding
those things makes me somewhat accepting that those things are going to
occur and there's
little I can do about it.  You can't do anything about the telescope any
more than you can prevent
mudslides in Bangladesh, however terrible those may be.  I just see you
wasting your mental energy
on hopeless cases.    bill w

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> > Yes, I have gotten angry many times in my life.  Inherited a quick
>> temper from my Dad, I think.
>> And it has never done me any good at all and luckily nothing really bad,
>> although bad drivers can still light me up.  At one point I carried a gun
>> in my car to shoot out the tires of the bad guys.  Took it out when I
>> realized that I might actually do that in a fit of road rage.
> I can honestly say that in my 70 years I have never gotten that angry and
> never even gotten close, but perhaps that has nothing to do with me and
> I've just been lucky and haven't been provoked as much as you have. I'm
> about as angry as I ever get toward those Hawaiian protestors but I don't
> feel the slightest urge to actually shoot anybody. Perhaps for that reason
> I seem to be less afraid of losing control than you.
>  John K Clark
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