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*> What if we just dropped the category of race on anything to do with
> government?*

The problem with that is all concentrated in just one word. In theory it's
a great idea but in practice "we" are never going to all decide to do the
same thing about anything and some people, perhaps most people, simply are
NOT going to drop the category of race. Not ever. So should government do
nothing if a well qualified person with a low skin albedo can't find
employment in a big city police department or admittance to a hospital even
if he has the money to pay for it? And if the government did nothing about
that sort of discrimination do you think it would help promote social
cohesion or would it cause chaos and bring us back to the 1950's and
seperate water fountains for white people and coloreds?

> *>And in many cases, though of course not ones having to do with
> childbirth, get rid of identifying a person by gender.*

Should professional tennis matches continue to be segregated by gender?
Should there be a Ladies Professional Golf Association or just a
Professional Golf Association? If things did change would it really make
for a happier more peaceful society? I'm just asking.

John K Clark
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