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>>And in many cases, though of course not ones having to do with childbirth, get rid of identifying a person by gender.


>…Should professional tennis matches continue to be segregated by gender? Should there be a Ladies Professional Golf Association or just a Professional Golf Association? If things did change would it really make for a happier more peaceful society? I'm just asking.


John K Clark 




It is an interesting question in which I have skin in the game: I have a cousin who runs a Title IX program at a university.  She has a lot to say on this topic, none of which I am at liberty to reveal.


Consider this:




OK then.  We see that Laurel Hubbard qualified for the 2020 Olympics.  We already have transgender athletes competing in women’s track (and setting records.)  What I am interested in seeing is how the international community will react if (or when) Laurel Hubbard wins the gold in Tokyo next summer.  


Consider the macho countries where they aren’t mod and hip like the USA and Europe, where we have outgrown the outdates notion of gender.  Those benighted countries lack hep cats (such as me)  as they suffer from a shortage of hipster daddios and things.  Our society is so advanced, we cannot determine a person’s gender even if he or she is in the process of giving birth.  


But plenty of places in the world haven’t yet outgrown gender.  Mexico and Saudi Arabia still has men and women, with little in-between.  Such archaic throwbacks they are, misguided.  How will those macho places deal with transgender athletes?



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