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I was a huge fan of Mythbusters.  I still have a desperate crush on Cari Byron.  



What do you think of this comment?  Does this sound reasonable?




The Mythbusters were clearly never strangers to destroying things. Invariably, testing various myths turned into an excuse to blow something up, so as to demonstrate amazing things for their fans. However, there was one time where they used their destructive power to hide something from the fans, instead of sharing it with them. What was it? Ironically enough, it was an explosive, AKA their bread and butter.


The cast was understandably cagey when it came to talking about this, but at the Silicon Valley Comicon in 2016, Adam Savage talked about their investigation of an "easily available material and its supposed explosive properties." Savage reported that their discovery was "so explosive" and easy to make, they completely destroyed any and all footage of their discovery. Plus, the cast took a vow of secrecy to never dish about the details to the public. Apparently, the tech-savvy team determined that destroying the footage was the only way to ensure it didn't simply pop up on YouTube a few years down the line, causing amateurs everywhere to go and blow themselves to bits.


How serious was all of this? When the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) asked for assistance regarding the danger of homemade bombs, Savage actually forwarded what his team had found. To a government agency devoted to making weapons of war! The show that specializes in explosions had to use all their powers, and that of the government, to hide an explosive discovery from the world. That simply makes us want to know what this thing is more.


Read More: https://www.grunge.com/36656/untold-truth-mythbusters/sl/they-have-destroyed-evidence-of-what-they-found?utm_campaign=clip


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