[ExI] How Corporate Media distorts Hawaiian Protests

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> I don’t.


I know, I never thought you did Spike.


 John K Clark




It isn’t just astronomy.  You already know I live for astronomy.  I get instant messaging any time anything really big happens.  I am on the LIGO community circle.  This is the most exciting time to be alive for any astronomy fan who ever lived.


There is something else that is big.  I didn’t realize until Will or someone pointed out that the telescope site is within a national park.  All the rules are different with those parks.  In California, if you take weed inside a national park you can end up in jail.  The feds make the rules there.  


National parks are sacred to plenty of us who don’t even have an invisible man to pray to.  Those parks are as close to a sacred place as an atheist nature lover will find.  I am that, and those parks (all of them) are cherished hallowed ground.  


OK so now we have protestors functionally seizing a national park.  This cannot stand.  The national parks belong to all of us.  They are sacred as goddam hell.





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