[ExI] How Corporate Media distorts Hawaiian Protests

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*>For myself, I prefer a telescope to exist there than not.*

Good, that's a fine sentence, BUT after that for some reason you felt the
need to add 4 additional paragraphs.

*> The right to build a telescope there is contingent on ownership of the
> land. Those who can acquire and maintain ownership of the land have the
> right to determine its disposition.*

And the law determines who has ownership of the land and the law determines
its disposition. And the law said the Astronomers could determine its
disposition. And the law had absolutely *nothing* to do with the outcome of
this confrontation because criminals broke the law, *and they got away with
it. *

> *> I remain troubled by the characterization of our opponents in this
> contest as "barbarians".*

Wow, you get troubled easily! If it's no longer politically correct to use
the word "barbarian" even against criminals who illegally destroyed a
wonderful humanistic instrument like the Thirty Meter Telescope because
they could and for no other reason then the word "barbarian" should be
permanently removed from the English language because it will never be
needed. Something like that was depicted in Orwell's 1984, they were
developing a lew language called "newspeak" that had far fewer words than
English, they were doing it because it was impossible to say something
politically incorrect in newspeak.

 John K Clark
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