[ExI] Bergson and Einstein are still debating the nature of time and change

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I agree. Also, one needs some kind of visual, intuitive understanding (even
if very imprecise) of what is really going on, otherwise one gets stuck.

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>> *> QBism is a valid interpretation of QM. It uses all the same maths
>> and leads to the same answers. However, it suffers from the same
>> problems that Copenhagen and other epistemic interpretations suffer from.*
> I agree. Neither QBism or Copenhagen even attempts to answer any
> ontological questions, they claim if you can make good predictions then
> your work is done, both are really just slight variations of the Shut Up
> And Calculate Quantum Interpretation; and that's fine if you're just
> interested in engineering considerations and don't care about understanding
> the nature of being.
>  John K Clark
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