[ExI] Bergson and Einstein are still debating the nature of time and change

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>>… one needs some kind of visual, intuitive understanding (even if very imprecise) of what is really going on, otherwise one gets stuck.


>…Although an engineer might It's hard for me to believe any productive scientist could really believe in instrumentalism… John K Clark



As in the days of Galileo and Darwin, theory is pointing in a direction we do not wish to embrace.  We recognize that the distasteful theory seems to work well, and the alternatives seem clumsy and contrived.  So it is with quantum mechanics, a theory so ugly it features ambiguously dead cats, infinitely many universes spawned continuously, particles popping into existence and back out again, all manner of logic-defying nonsense, when we can see where it really points: we are all digital simulations, avatars, in a digital universe.  Of course all this can happen in a sim.  Is it so philosophically revolting to be an avatar in some grand software experiment in self-awareness?



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