[ExI] Humans are a uniquely dangerous species

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Here is a book you two might find very interesting, even if it is rather old:


Man's Rise to Civilization, As Shown by the Indians of North America from Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State - Peter Farb - still on Amazon


>From the grub-eating Shoshone to the civilized Zunis, this is a book you cannot fail to find fascinating.  It does deal with captures of members of other tribes.


bill w



Notice how many ancient people’s eat grubs?  Those things might be really tasty, and here we are missing out.  Would you eat one?  I just might.  I would need to drink a few beers beforehand.  Probably still barf, but at least then we would know.


Think about it: if they are larval beetles (why did I want to spell that beatles?) they might be just the ticket: they haven’t begun developing an exoskeleton, and there’s enough volume there to make it worth it.  Think about the other tasty but super-gross looking foods, such as… oysters.  I am surprised that one was ever discovered.  At some point, someone somewhere had to crack one of those open and say to himself: I think I will eat that.  He must have been totally bonkers.  Or perhaps a seashore community look at it, grossed out, caught a murderer, and told him: eat that, or we kill you.  If you survive, you go free.  He ate, survived, the notion spread, now we know that oysters are excellent food.


If we ever went to make bugs an alterative food source, grubs could be farmed in huge numbers at low cost.






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