[ExI] Humans are a uniquely dangerous species

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Here is a book you two might find very interesting, even if it is rather

Man's Rise to Civilization, As Shown by the Indians of North America from
Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State - Peter Farb - still
on Amazon

>From the grub-eating Shoshone to the civilized Zunis, this is a book you
cannot fail to find fascinating.  It does deal with captures of members of
other tribes.

bill w

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>> Anyway this is just to say that extreme power hierarchies (such as
>> slavery) can exist without any physical technology.  That technology makes
>> enforcement much easier, but a slave class could be created by early
>> tool-less humans.
> ### Sure, under some special circumstances slavery should be possible
> without these additional technologies I discussed earlier but in general
> hunter-gatherers are not likely to keep slaves, much less create a
> genetically distinct slave lineage.
> Soon though the technology will exist to genetically create slaves. I
> recently read a delightful book, Derek Künsken's "The Quantum Magician",
> where genetic slavery figures quite prominently, and adds some very
> surprising but logically satisfying twists to the plot.
> I just purchased the sequel, "The Quantum Garden".
> Rafal
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