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Subject: [ExI] women


Why are women shorter than men?  


bill w



How do we know they are?  Can gender be determined?


>…In the vast majority of cases, it can.  Intersex and transgender people are, by most estimates, less than 1% of the total population.  And in this case Bill is talking in the strict biological sense, not the identity sense (though intersex is still an exception).



Primitive savage!  Anyone is any gender they choose!




Ja, I know what he meant.  I was merely being my snarky self.  I so hafta grow up one of these days.  Just not today please.  Or anytime next week: I have some pre-planned snarkiness.


Society is going to pay the price for struggling to be so inclusive we are forced to include obvious silliness.  Sooner or later that is going to put us in head-on collision with the macho societies which still damn well do differentiate between men and women.


Adrian, we haven’t heard from you in a long time and we missed the hell outta ya bud.  Hope all is well with yas.  You have been the missing ingredient in several discussions here.




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